Product Details
R&S®SpycerNode 5U84

Next generation Highly Flexible, Ultra High Bandwidth and Capacity media storage for big size installation

The new generation of media storage brings HPC features to the media industry. Due to the variety of possible configurations R&S®SpycerNode can be used in any media workflows, no matter if the workflows are based on performance or capacity requirement. - Available in three base configuration in either 2 RU and 5 RU chassis sizes, High performance with up to 12 GB/s and millions of IOPS in a single chassis, High capacity with up to several PB in one cluster, Full redundancy in even the smallest unit

Product Details
R&S®SpycerNode 5u84

Next generation Highly Flexible, Ultra High Bandwidth and Capacity media storage for big size installation 

Combining HPC technologies and decades of experience to revolutionize the media and entertainment storage market 

The R&S® SpycerNode media storage brings HPC technologies to the media and entertainment market segment. It offers an easy-to-use interface, a HPC file system, market-leading erasure coding mechanisms and many more functions, allowing you to focus on your creative work. 


Features & benefits 


HPC RAID technology 

R&S® SpycerNode features HPC redundancy mechanisms to protect your content. The software solution from IBM (IBM Spectrum ScaleTM RAID) is based on the latest erasure coding technologies. This makes the rebuild time in the case of a system failure up to four times shorter than with conventional RAID solutions. 


HPC file system 

Seamless workflow integration is vital for storage solutions. In order to achieve this, R&S® SpycerNode uses the IBM Spectrum ScaleTM HPC file system. All R&S® SpycerNode storage tiers are presented under a single namespace. No matter in which pool your data is stored, it is always accessible with the same URL. Data can be moved between fast highest performance storage and highest capacity storage according to integrated intelligent information lifecycle management. 


Massive scalability 

Flexibility is essential for media applications; solutions need to be easily scalable. Unlike storage solutions from other manufacturers, R&S® SpycerNode is fully scalable even from the smallest unit. The solution can be adapted to your capacity and bandwidth requirements at any time, during operation. Different R&S®SpycerNode devices with different configurations can be easily combined. 


No single point of failure 

Preventing data loss is of paramount importance for us, which is why R&S® SpycerNode incorporates full redundancy all the way down to the smallest unit. This is possible thanks to complete hardware redundancy and data protection measures such as erasure coding. The use of tried and true enterprise-class hardware results in high availability and cost-effective maintenance. 


R&S® SpycerPAM 

R&S® SpycerPAM is a production asset management software that fundamentally improves the use of creative tools. Placed at the core of your workflow, R&S® SpycerPAM offers functionalities such as powerful search functions, easy rights management, automatic proxy generation/preview and much more. The software integrates seamlessly into leading editing platforms such as Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. 


Unified file and block storage 

R&S®SpycerNode provides file level as well as block level storage access. Unlike competitor products, this is also possible in hybrid operation, which gives you enormous workflow flexibility. R&S®SpycerNode takes advantage of the IBM Spectrum ScaleTM file system and gives you easy access to the drives irrespective of the used access protocol. 


Device Manager 

The Rohde & Schwarz device manager web application makes it much easier to set up and use our solutions. All Rohde & Schwarz systems on a network can be operated via a single interface. Complex console configurations and laborious maintenance work are no longer necessary, allowing you to focus on your creative work. 


Highly interoperable 

When choosing a long-term storage solution, nobody wants to have to commit to just one configuration. For this reason, every R&S® SpycerNode uses the same flexible architecture and can be freely combined and scaled – regardless of configuration. This enables you to set up your storage infrastructure without any restrictions and react flexibly to customer demands. 


High performance 

R&S® SpycerNode offers excellent performance for all configurations and can be used in any media workflow regardless of the requirements. Based on the latest field-proven enterprise-class hardware and equipped with an HPC file system and erasure coding mechanisms, R&S® SpycerNode delivers millions of IOPS, up to 12 Gbyte/s data throughput in a single unit and short rebuild times. The system can be used in high-speed Ethernet networks of up to 100 Gbit/s. 

Technical Specification
System configuration 2 HU rackmount
42 or 84 drives per chassis
dual I/O modules per enclosure (main and JBOD)
Intel Xeon processor
internal 256 Gbyte M.2 module
mini-SAS HD ports main to JBOB interconnectors
dual ported drive technology
Connectivity per controller
100 Gigabit Ethernet network (main unit) 2 °— QSFP data ports
10 Gigabit Ethernet network (main unit) 2 °— RJ-45 data ports
1 Gigabit Ethernet network (main unit) 3 °— RJ-45: two data ports, one management port to BMC
USB main unit 2 °— USB 3.0 connectors (rear)
Serial port main unit 1 °— RCA 3.5 mm audio serial port
Video port main unit 1 °— mini HDMI? port
Expansion main unit 2 °— 12G mini SAS HD
Environmental conditions
Temperature operating temperature range +5 ¢XC to +35 ¢XC (+30 ¢XC above 2133 m)
Relative humidity operating 10 % to 80 % relative humidity
Altitude operating 0 m to 3000 m
nonoperating °V100 m to 12192 m
Vibration random, operating 0.21 g (RMS), 5 Hz to 500 Hz
random, nonoperating 1.04 g (RMS), 2 Hz to 200 Hz
relocation, swept sine 0.3 g (RMS), 2 Hz to 200 Hz
Shock operating 5 g, 10 ms half sine (Z-axis), 20 g 10 ms half sine (X and Y axis)
nonoperating 30 g, 10 ms half sine
Acoustics operating sound power level ? 8.0 B LWAd (re 1 pW) at +23 oC ambient
Power rating
Rated voltage 200 V to 240 V AC
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Power output maximum main unit 2200 W (200 V to 240 V AC)
BTU maximum main unit 7507 BTU/h
maximum JBOD unit 7507 BTU/h
Product conformity
Safety certification for USA and Canada in line with UL 60950-1
for Europe in line with EN 60950-1
for CB in line with IEC 60950-1
Electro magnetic compatibility (EMC) North America CFR 47 part 15, subpart B, class A; CES/NMB-003 class A
Europe in line with EN 55022 class A, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
Standard marks North America FCC, UL, cUL, ICES/NMB-003 class A
Europe CE
China CCC (PSU only)
Taiwan BSMI
Korea MSIP (formerly KCC)
Japan VCCI
Australia/New Zealand RCM (formerly C-tick)
Dimensions and weight
Weight (including drives) max. 135 kg (298 lb)
Rails universal rackmounting kit