Product Details

Monitor Operating Module for Avid MTRX/MTRX Studio, DAD AX32/DX32

The MOM-BASE unit was designed to provide hands-on control of the monitoring of any Avid MRTX, MTRX Studio, DAD AX32 or DX32R unit with the Pro | Mon license installed. The MOM has 10 user-definable keys in 4 layers effectively providng 40 user-definable keys. It also features an external GPI input for eg. a footswitch for talkback. Can be powered by PoE of an extrnal 5V supply

Product Details
While working perfectly fine in combination with the DADman software, its real power shows up when used in combination with Eucon control surfaces such as Avid Dock, S4, S6 or even the free Control app, as the operation of MOM is synchronized with these. Simply select e.g. a source on the Dock and the corresponding key on MOM will light up, and similarly, what you do on MOM is also reflected on the Dock. And not only can you use MOM in combination with Eucon control surfaces, you can also use multiple MOMs on the same system. This comes in handy if you have multiple working or listening positions – e.g. a sound engineer and a director position, as you can place MOM’s wherever they are needed.

Multiple monitors and cue outputs in various channel formats can be configured and controlled from one or more hardware MOM’s with individual cue mix functionality and dedicated monitor mixing, adjustable parameters include level, pan, cut, mute and even downmix from, for example, for a 7.1 multichannel format.
Technical Specification
Dimensions (W x D x H) 17.2 x 11 x 5 cm
Weight 1kg
Power consumption 5W max.
Input voltage PoE or 5VDC