Product Details

AX32 128 ch. SPQ - Speaker Processor Card

The AX32-CARD-SPQ adds speaker processing to the AX32-BASE unit. It supports up to 128 channels and provides 124 IIR filters and adjustable latency of up to 800ms for each channel. It also support comprehensive bass management processing with support for multiple sub outputs. All settings are stored and recalled from the DADman monitor profile.

Product Details
The AX32-CARD-SPQ is a DSP card that you can install in one of the 8 card slots of AX32. The SPQ Speaker Processor System is extremely flexible and you can match it to any speaker configuration, including immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos.

Management of the controls is handled via the DADman control software, where you can configure processing for all output channels in the defined monitor profile - also on cue signals. Processing can be applied for room tuning, bass management and equalizing of cue and monitor signals. And you can easily save and recall all configurations in the DADman monitor profile.

- DSP/FPGA Card for AX32
- Room Tuning with up to 16 Filters Per Channel
- Bass Management with Support for Multiple Subs
- 1024 IIR Filters
- 128 channels @ 48 kHz
- Sample Rates from 44,1 to 384 kHz
- Adjustable Latency up to 800ms Per Channel
- Speaker Match Between Various Immersive Audio Formats