Product Details

Clair Brothers C12 line array speakers carry Clair Brothers' new revolutionary line array technology. It is suitable for more than 800 -1500 square meters of studios, large theaters, multi-function halls, gymnasiums, bars and other occasions. Whether it is a mobile performance or a fixed installation, whether indoor or outdoor, the C15 is fully competent.

Product Details
The C12-M is Clair Brothers latest innovation in 

line array technology. It incorporates an advanced transducer technology for both midrange and high frequency reproduction, both of which join a common waveguide. At least two amplifier channels are required, one for low freq., one for mid/hi which is coupled via an internal passive crossover network. 
The centrally located mid/high module provides 10° vertical coverage and variable horizontal coverage.  The horizontal pattern may be altered to optimize coverage within the context of the application. The horizontal coverage angle may be defined symmetrically or asymmetrically by standard angles between 60° and 140° in 10° increments or may be custom configured with continuously variable Clair TrueFit custom waveguides. The horn and waveguides are constructed, as all Clair waveguides are, with CNC machined Baltic birch plywood. This is symmetrically flanked by the C12-M low frequency sections. Each 12” low frequency driver is front loaded in its own tuned reflex chamber.
C12-M enclosures are equipped with integrated bimodal rigging including adjustable rear rigging for a variety of installation applications. The rear rigging device allows the speaker array to be adjusted from 0° to 10° at 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5 or 10° increments when the line array is flown or stacked.
Increased angular resolution at 0.25° increments is available using Bimodal Incremental Rigging Disc (BIRD) accessories (0.5°, 0.75°, 1.0°, and 1.25° increments - for use in compression rigging mode only).
Clair Brothers combines amplification, and proprietary DSP processing in permanent or portable racks for all C12 systems. Custom cabling for systems is available as well and can be pre-wired, labeled and installed.
EASE GLL files are available upon request for C12 90° and 120° cabinets.
As with all Clair Brothers speaker products, the C12-M is constructed with the finest Baltic birch plywood. The enclosure is finished with a durable epoxy mastic coating to withstand the most demanding conditions. The speaker grille is constructed of high-grade 14 gauge perforated steel and finished with a commercial grade powder coat finish.
Technical Specification
Loudspeaker TypeDual 12" Line Array Module
Powered TypeNon Powered
Crossover Type3 Way Active
Frequency Response45 Hz - 20k Hz (±2 dB)
Maximum Output147 dB
Dispersion(H x V)90° x 10°
HF/MF Sensitivity(1 W @ 1 m)121.8 dB
LF Sensitivity(1 W @ 1 m)99 dB
HF Drivers2 x 1.4"
MF Drivers2 x 3.5"
LF Drivers2 x 12"
HF Impedance16 Ω
MF Impedance16 Ω
LF Impedance2 x 8 Ω
HF AES Power320 W
MF AES Power300 W
LF AES Power1800 W
Recommended Power AmplifierCB D120 / CB PLM12K44
Compatible SubsiS218 / CS218
Maximum Array20
Connection1 x EP-8 M,1 x EP-8 F
Shell18 mm Baltic Birch
Rigging Points3 Points
Dimensions(W x H x D)1066.8 x 352.3 x 639.8 mm
Weight69.4 kg
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