Product Details
VIO L212

Product Details


VIO L212 is the first dBTechnologies’ full scale line array module designed for large touring sound reinforcement applications, concurrently providing mighty output capability and optimized coverage behaviour. dBTechnologies was able to pack great sound pressure levels into one of the most compact and lightest active 2x12” line array systems.

With VIO L212, dBTechnologies makes the most of its approach to sound reinforcement solutions. An advanced DSP provides highly accurate intelligibility, sound definition and stunning headroom, while integrated mechanics and accessories provides smart solutions to ease set-up, transport and storage of the systems.


VIO L212 is the full scale 3-way line array system designed for larger touring applications, concurrently providing mighty output capability, optimized coverage behaviour and a stunning headroom, alongside with rapid and easily configurable rigging solutions. All the fundamental features of an outstanding PA packed into one of the most compact and lightest active 2x12” systems.


As a default, VIO S218 is equipped with dBTechnologies RD-Net card, for real time remote control via Aurora Net software.

The preamplifier is ready for future upgrades with Audinate DanteTM AoIP protocol. To help users in this configuration, VIO L212 comes with built-in technologies: Near Field Communication (NFC™) proximity sensors are used to determine the position of each box within an array. This technology, together with a hi-brightness LED bulb on the front of the enclosure, contributes to help the user to recognize, identify and match each box physical position on the remote control software Aurora Net.


VIO L212 has been designed for a complete acoustic compatibility with other line array modules of the VIO family. Both VIO L210 and smaller VIO L208 can be easily used as front or side fills in extended VIO L212 PAs.

TF-VIO2 adapter allows to rig VIO L210 as down-fill cabinets under VIO L212 arrays in order to create perfectly compatible hybrid systems.

Technical Specification
Speaker Type 3-Way Active Line Array Module
Usable Bandwidth [- 6 dB] 55 - 18.600 Hz
Max SPL One Unit: 142 dB
HF 2 x 1.4”, 3” v.c. - Neodymium
MF 4 x 6.5” , 2” v.c. - Neodymium
LF 2 x 12”, 3” v.c. - Neodymium
Horizontal Directivity 90°
Vertical Directivity depends on array size and configuration
Amplifier 3200 W RMS [2x 1600 W RMS bi-amped Class-D Digipro® G4]
Cooling Convection, Internal fan
Power Supply Full-range SMPS with PFC (100V~-240V~, 50-60Hz)
Controller DSP 32 bit
AD/DA Converter 24 bit/96 kHz
Limiter Dual Active Multiband Peak, RMS, Thermal
Processing (filters) FIR Linear Phase
Signal Input 1x XLR female, balanced
Signal Output 1x XLR male, balanced
Expansion Card RDNet Card (1x RJ45 IN 1x RJ45 Link)
Dante Card [Optional]
Power Socket 1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
1x PowerCON TRUE1 Out
Controls 1 x Speaker Coupling (7 presets)
1 x High pass filter Rotary Encoder (8 presets)
1 x HF Compensation (8 presets)
1 x System Test Button
Special Features NFCTM and Frontal LED Identification System
380V Resistant SMPS
IPOS Intelligent Power-On Sequence
Opto-isolated floating pre-amp
System Test (transducers diagnostics)
Housing Multiplex plywood - Polyurea painting
Housing Design Trapezoidal
Handles 4 x handles (2 on each side)
Rain Cover Included [Rubber magnetic]
Rigging Points 3 points rigging hardware
Width 1100 mm (43.31 in)
Height 380 mm (14.96 in)
Depth 450 mm (17.72 in)
Weight 54.4 Kg (119.93 lbs)