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Studio Network Solutions (SNS) specializes in shared storage hardware and software solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry. Since our beginning in 1998 we’ve continuously applied unmatched ingenuity and experience to create outstanding products that exceed industry expectations, while providing outstanding support to our customers.

As innovators with unmatched industry experience, expertise, and passion, our goal is to create unique products that extend beyond a single function and enhance the entire content creation workflow from beginning to end.
Our customers range in size from individual freelance video engineers to multinational media powerhouses and broadcasters. Our products are at the technical core of the movies you see, the TV and Internet content you love, the games you play, and the music you hear.
SNS spun off from a professional multi-room studio in St. Louis, MO. when it was discovered that nothing available at the time could meet the very high-end requirements for a storage system. There just weren’t any storage companies that could address the specific workflow needs so with our background and capabilities we set to work to build a media storage better than what was available at the time.
Most people in SNS have backgrounds somewhere in professional video, photography, or audio. Others have technical backgrounds in programming, systems design, and system administration. We “get it” when it comes to workflow. And we know what you mean when you talk about the quirky little things that can come along with using professional media apps.
Our testing and QA labs are centred around Adobe, Apple, Avid, AutoDesk, Sony, Resolve, NewTek, and Ross Video production environments. We have a team of people in our lab, and it’s a big, expensive playground for people like us. We’re surrounded by the latest workstations, networking gear, and racks full of servers and various storage hardware. We run a lot of the same software and NLEs you’re using (Premiere, Protools, Media Composer, FCPX, Resolve, etc.), and we use our well-stocked integration lab to do real-world stress testing and compatibility testing for everything we create.
Everything we build — from our client software to the custom EVO OS — is designed to provide the best blend of shared performance and function, even in mixed NLE and cross-platform environments.
In other words, we invest all our development resources into specialized, media-centric use cases. Period. That level of focus is 100% impossible for any company that positions its products for anything other than media workflow. If your storage system wasn’t built and stress-tested specifically to handle online editing, from a number of concurrent users, you are all but guaranteed to have trouble sooner or later.
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