Product Details

Limelight, Dynamic Vocal XLR Microphone Designed For Podcasting, Broadcasting, and Streaming

Custom-tuned for voice and speech, Limelight delivers exceptional clarity for podcasts, broadcasts and livestreams. Bring smooth, rich broadcast audio to your home setup.

Product Details

Limelight is a dynamic microphone custom-tuned for voice and speech. With its professional, hypercardioid capsule, Limelight delivers exceptionally clear audio at close range for talk-focused podcasts, broadcasts, and livestreams. The narrow pickup pattern captures your voice and cuts out unwanted ambient noise, while the built-in pop shield and low-frequency filter remove intrusive plosives and low-end rumble for a clean, uncompromised sound. Limelight easily integrates into your setup with a professional industry-standard XLR connection and 360-degree swivel mount. Backed by the vintage-inspired pro audio legacy of Warm Audio, Limelight’s modern design, inside and out, meets the needs of today’s podcasters, broadcasters, and streamers.

  1. Custom-tuned for voice and speech: Excels at natural and clear audio for articulate expression
  2. Professional dynamic capsule: Delivers smooth, rich broadcast audio at close range—ideal for talk-focused content
  3. Designed for creators: Perfect for podcasts, broadcasts, streaming, and YouTube
  4. Focused, hypercardioid pattern: Creates a narrow pickup field that captures your voice and cuts out unwanted ambient noise
  5. No pops. No rumble. Built-in pop shield and low frequency filter cut out intrusive plosives and unwanted low-end rumble for a clean, uncompromised sound
  6. Professional XLR connection: Easily connect to a USB interface or mixer with the industry-standard XLR connector
  7. Built on legacy: Built on the vintage-inspired pro audio legacy of Warm Audio, Limelight was engineered with modern circuitry to meet the needs of today’s broadcasters and podcasters
  8. 360 degree swivel mount: For perfect placement on a mic stand or boom arm
Technical Specification
Capsule Type Dynamic
Capsule Size 28mm
Polar Pattern Hypercardioid
Frequency Range 50Hz – 15kHz
High Pass Filter 100Hz (12dB per octave)
Sensitivity -54dB 13dB (0dB =1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Impedance 600 ohm
Max SPL 138dB
Included Accessories Adjustable swivel mount & Protective carry bag