Product Details
512 Boom Arm

Adjustable Microphone Boom Arm for Podcasting, Broadcasting, Streaming, and Recording

Achieve the perfect mic position for podcasting, streaming, or recording. The 512-BBA makes microphones adjustments easy with its stay-in-place high-tension spring design and dual-axis swivel.

Product Details



For Podcasting, Broadcasting, Streaming, and Recording

The 512-BBA is an adjustable microphone boom arm featuring a silent, internal, high-tension spring design, extra-wide mounting clamp, and articulating integrated swivel. With 360 degrees of rotation and simple two-axis adjustment, you’ll easily find and maintain the perfect mic position every time without making a sound.


    Bring your mic closer to your voice and away from distracting vibrations caused by typing, desk movement, and noisy fans. With professional looks and a reliable, high-tension spring hinge, 512-BBA easily stays in place without any additional tightening or adjustments.

    Don’t let anything come between you and clean, clear audio.



    The 512-BBA features a durable yet lightweight steel construction that easily holds most professional recording and broadcast microphones, up to 3 lbs. Whether your perfect placement is over your monitor or stretched across the table, 512-BBA’s 360 degrees of arm rotation and smooth, dual-axis swivel lets you enjoy a full range of motion to effortlessly find the optimal mic placement.

    512-BBA is outfitted with a silent-spring design so you can make all the adjustments you want without making a sound.


  • Extra-wide mount. Featuring a sturdy metal C-clamp that attaches to any surface up to 2 inches thick and includes an anti-scratch pad to protect your desk
  • Simple cable management. Keep your setup clean and clutter-free with the included velcro wraps for quick and simple cable management.
  • Universal compatibility. Compatible with virtually any microphone, 512-BBA comes with both ⅜ and ⅝ thread adapters to make mounting a snap.
  • Fully collapsible. Tucks away in an instant for compact and easy storage whenever you’re off the air.
Technical Specification
Product Name 512-BBA
Model Number 512-BBA
Brand Name 512-BBA
UPC Number 85001640066
Dimensions 18.5" x 18.5" x 1" (In), 470 x 470 x 25 (mm)
Weight 3.5 lbs (Imperial), 1.59 kg (Metric)
Master Pack Dimensions
Length 23.62" (In), 600 (mm)
Width 15.20" (In), 386 (mm)
Depth 6.85" (In), 174 (mm)
Weight 29.3 Ibs, 7.74 kg
Pieces Per Master Pack 6
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