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The world's leading AUDIO-OVER-IP solution, using DANTE protocol

Focusrite's Audio-over-IP products are based on industry-standard Dante® network technology, coupled with our industry-leading converters, making it an ideal choice for building audio infrastructure in universities, colleges or schools. Dante® is an uncompressed multi-channel digital audio network technology that achieves ultra-low latency and sampling rates up to 192kHz. Hundreds of audio channels can be distributed simultaneously to multiple locations in the audio network via an Ethernet cable. You have many options, including microphone preamp, AES3, MADI, analog line, ADAT, Pro Tools | HD, PCIe and Thunderbolt audio interfaces. In addition, you can integrate existing equipment into the IP workflow to expand the return on existing investments.
As audio-over-IP is applied in all aspects of the professional audio industry, the next generation of audio engineers need to establish a solid foundation in modern network audio.
Network audio will continue to exist
Expansion and connection
Our RedNet and Red audio interfaces are scalable systems that can be expanded with the expansion of your facility without walls or borders. You can use your existing network infrastructure to expand and connect classrooms, buildings, and campuses. Connectivity can stimulate creativity and collaboration between students and departments.
There are many large multi-level facilities and studios in different locations on campus. Connection is the key, and RedNet and Dante are the solutions. Our RedNet system continues to provide flawless audio, easy-to-use routing and endless scalability.
Connect multiple digital audio workstations
Engage your students in the learning process. Each student can have their own computer with Dante virtual sound card software, and connect with other students on the network while sharing recording or playback. Provide students with a simple solution to connect, collaborate, share and interact with other students, lecturers and departments.
Focusrite Pro audio interface is compatible with your existing audio system
The RedNet audio interface provides various connection solutions to bridge your existing audio system to the Dante network. Pro Tools | HDTM, MADI, AES3, analog, remote microphone pre-amplifier, and options for redundant power supply and network connection. The Red audio interface provides an integrated audio solution, including 32x32 Dante I / O (input / output) combined with Pro Tools | HDTM connection and the latest Thunderbolt interface technology. Many of our audio interfaces are also AES67 compliant, and are more interoperable with other AoIP protocols.
Turn any room into a recording space
If a room has an internet connection, it can quickly become a recording space. Add rack-mounted RedNet equipment and connect to the Dante network, so you can record and play back anywhere on campus. Impromptu performances, classroom lectures and performances or concerts can all be easily recorded.
Never miss that special moment
Use RedNet to set up a redundant recording system to ensure that there are no problems recording live performances once a year. Record to multiple systems at the same time and easily create a backup system. Don't miss that special moment.
Prepare for the real world
Providing your students with educational courses including Audio-over-IP will prepare them for their future. Broadcasting, post-production, live performances, and studio recording facilities have all been transferred to the AoIP foundation, and usually require technicians proficient in the latest AoIP protocol. Teaching the latest AoIP technology will make your courses unique. Now, it is more important than ever to make the next generation of audio engineers not only familiar, but also become Audio-over-IP experts.
Return on investment
Capital budgets are always subject to scrutiny, and finding funding is becoming increasingly difficult, so maximizing return on investment has become more important than ever. Not only does RedNet beat many other options in terms of purchase cost, but it also beats other options in terms of total cost of ownership and return on investment. There are many cost advantages to using RedNet and Audio-over-IP in infrastructure. Lower cable, equipment, and installation costs allow you to spend more money where you need it. Compared with traditional audio systems, RedNet systems take up less space. System expansion is also relatively cheap and easy. RedNet is easy to use and configure, with less setup time, which means students can spend more time studying in the studio. Focusrite Pro equipment is also very reliable and easy to move, which also means that maintenance costs can be reduced.
Case: System diagram
Red and RedNet installation
The figure shows the implementation of the Red and RedNet systems, which can distribute and record audio simultaneously on both campuses. Red and RedNet audio interfaces can be used in multiple recording studios, studios, vocal studios and concert halls. For example, you can record live performances located in the concert hall of the second campus in any space of the main campus, and even record to Pro Tools | HD equipment in all control rooms at the same time.
Connect multiple DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation)
In this picture, each student has a laptop with a Dante virtual sound card and a compact RedNet X2P, 2x2 Dante interface, and is connected to the network. This allows teachers to share recordings and playback tracks with each student or the entire class. In addition, students can also collaborate with each other.