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Vizrt provides 1 on 1 online expert Lecture

Vizrt provides 1 on 1 online expert Lecture: Explaining the remote and automation News Work Package

Recently, we believe that the radio and television industry has found the strategic importance of having a rapid adaptation of program production and broadcast in extraordinary hardship these days. Vizrt, as a global software-defined visual narrative tool manufacturer, hopes to help the radio and television media companies to quickly and effectively respond to the time of crisis and reduce the loss of production capacity.

Without the need to travel, anyone can learn about Vizrt's innovative technologies and solutions! In the following, we have organized a number of Vizrt tools for remote production, remote operation, and reduced operator input, including:

  • Viz Mosart-powerful studio automation system
  • Viz Story-Online video packaging production tool supporting multi-platform distribution.
  • Viz Verdi-advanced studio automation and powerful software-based switcher
  • NDI
  • Viz Mosart can help broadcasters to create high-quality programs through automation, so they can run more efficiently and even remotely utilizing a virtual control room to use automation and save operators. For example, if an operator is unable to go to the workplace for reasons beyond his / her control, the operator can still be able to get access to the control room using various Viz tools like the Viz Mozart.

    At the same time, Viz Mosart can produce more content at a faster rate, creating multiple feeds or more shows in a single control room. The use of Viz Mosart enables the deployment of highly automated workflows, which greatly reduces the possibility of errors in live broadcasts.

  • Viz Story provides a highly flexible tool to reporters where they do not need to be on-site or in the TV station to easily create, edit, and publish content through the web browser on their computer. This product can help reporters in similar current epidemic situations, or other unknown periods disasters, without any space restrictions, one can also use media materials for editing and packaging. Viz Story allows media producers to use 3D graphics to make videos and distribute them to online social media platforms, or to traditional TV media. With a web interface design, Viz Story allows users to edit and adjust videos and graphics to cater for different aspect ratios for online social media platforms including FaceBook and Weibo.


Viz Verdi is the latest software-defined automation platform released in 2019. It is a switcher without a panel and supports various external controls. It is a cost-effective system suitable for today's complex production environments. Viz Verdi is designed for broadcasters looking to update their facilities and transition to an IP-based production environment. Viz Verdi eliminates the complexity of production workflows, reduces radio programming errors, and allows operators to focus on the story itself.

Automation with powerful switching

Viz Verdi combines the simplicity of setup, low technical complexity, and advanced equipment control to provide a flexible live production platform for media companies.

The automation is based on Vizrt's proven Viz Mosart studio automation system, which is used by the world's largest broadcasters. Together with the high-capacity switcher, the team can control live production with just one operator. It can reduce manpower in special stages, and achieve a safe working environment without being personnel intensive.


Multi-platform output

Viz Verdi's system enables simultaneous production of content in multiple aspect ratios and simultaneous output, simplifying multi-platform distribution and ensuring that broadcasters can make better use of their content for profit. Viz Verdi integrates internal recording and social media streaming to reduce the complexity of workflows and the need for external devices.

NDI is Vizrt's innovative high-performance IP-based video standard, making the mobile phones a source for quality broadcast. Content can come from anywhere without having to mobilize large and expensive equipment and resources. Worldwide, Skype for Content Creators and NDI have been installed on more than 400 million desktops.

NDI can support remote production. Its low latency makes use of the flexibility of the existing IP network, so that broadcasting and television companies can place control rooms or studio personnel remotely and configure resources regardless of their location.