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VIO L212 for TOdays Festival 2019 (Turin, Italy)

Equipment Used

"VIO L212 reacted splendidly! Very few equalization interventions have been carried out on the master output of the mixer and in any case that was related to mixing needs rather than real corrections of the sound of the system. None of the 11 sound engineers who have been working as a director felt the need to set up the control software or to correct the sound of the PA.The comments were all positive, we have also to consider that everybody arrived with the show prepared elsewhere and loaded by usb on the bench, so in this case it is easier to make comparisons"
Dario Colombo [Supervisor Sound Engineer for sPAZIO 211]

"Aurora Net, the management and monitoring software, has been helpful: as it is very simple to set up and very complete, it leaves the possibility to intervene in a very precise way. The engineers from the many productions that were present in the venue, have been positive and interested in this new product, on this occasion but also in many others in which I worked with the support of VIO; I’ve been working with Microfase Service for years and since he bought the new VIO, I have already had the opportunity to work with it in different situations, which led me to propose it to a very diverse audience, the feedback has always been very positive"
Nicolò Amedeo [Supervisor FOH Engineer EX-FABBRICA INCET]

As the most powerful and large line array system, VIO L212 powered the 2019 edition of TOdays Festival: 2 venues sounded with VIO for one of the greatest Italian excellences.

The biggest Turin festival of the summer that fills the city, invades the Country and finally goes beyond the international borders becoming popular throughout Europe, a spearhead for Turin, which is confirmed year after year as one of the most important poles of attraction for music and events in Italy; TOdays Festival is all this, but first of all it is a complex world where art, culture, innovation, avant-garde, concepts and independent philosophies are intertwined, integrating into the current ecosystem by forging a deep link with society, without renouncing to projects and dreams about different roads that alternate the known path with what still seems unexplored.

To give voice to such a heartfelt and demanding project, to the rescue come several locations, whose identity and history make up the evocative complex that gives life to a three-day event full of famous names and a very accurate selection of emerging ones.

The VIO systems become PA of sPAZIO 211 (outdoor) and EX-FABBRICA INCET (indoor) and lend their audio technology to the sound of two areas dedicated respectively to the quintessence of rock and performances that fit well in an industrial setting, drawing and returning life blood to walls and structures that have much to tell in the present.

The PA was by Microfase service who have an important and solid experience with VIO Series – the configuration in use consisted of:

  • Stage 1 - SPAZIO 211:
    16 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218 + 4 VIO L208 in front fill
  • Stage 2 - EX-FABBRICA INCET:
    16 VIO L212 + 12 VIO S218

Three exclusive and powerful days made of new vital impulses, originality and great artistic quality.

Many names for this magnificent 2019 edition: from Johnny Marr, Ride and Jarvis Cocker to the highly anticipated Hozier, indie-gospel voice, able to break down the walls between the niches and the mainstream and Cinematic Orchestra, jazz musicians esteemed beyond all trends, pure, ironic and endowed with that unique ability to drag the audience even where it seems more difficult to go.