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Product from the future, RedNet Control 2.4 is coming!
RedNet Control 2.4 software upgrade brings DDM compatibility, AES67 and AES70 support, AES3 circuit breaker and other functions.
We are excited to introduce RedNet Control 2.4 to everyone. This free update brings the compatibility of Dante Domain Manager (DDM) with AES67 / AES70, as well as the AES3 disconnect switch function, background mode and other enhancements.
RedNet Control 2.4 brings support for Dante Domain Manager to all Focusrite Red audio interfaces, RedNet devices with Audinate Brooklyn 2, ultimo and Ultimo X architecture. This new feature brings many advantages to large audio network systems, and now they are able to bring the excellent features of DDM to RedNet Control users. In particular, RedNet Control 2.4 brings four levels of system permission control: Site Administrator, Domain Administrator, Operator and Guest. As a result, users can be granted the functions they want. Those who only need to record audio will not be able to gain access to functions that require administrator rights, such as changing the sampling rate, or creating new audio subscriptions.
In addition, RedNet Control 2.4 also brings other new features, such as AES3 circuit breaker, supports RedNet D16 and RedNet D16R. At present, RedNet D16R will always transmit information (a bunch of 0s) to its AES3 output, which will cause downstream equipment, such as amplifiers, to be unable to distinguish between "silent" and "error" states. With this new circuit-breaking function, users can match the channel settings under specific circumstances to achieve automatic circuit-breaking capability between D16R and AES3, which means that downstream devices can now detect the occurrence of errors and proceed properly deal with.
Another new feature of RedNet Control 2.4 is the adaptability of AES67 to the interfaces of RedNet X2P and RedNet AM2 Ultimo X. RedNet AM2 and RedNet X2P have been added to support AES67. This improves the interoperability between Dante and different audio network standards, such as RAVENNA. This update also brings AES70 compatibility to RedNet devices-an open standard for control and monitoring of AOIP devices.
With the arrival of version 2.4, RedNet Control 2 can now identify and upgrade the firmware of specific devices without having to upgrade the entire system. After that, RedNet Control 2.4 can now run as a background program, so MIDI control will continue to be effective, even if the software window is closed.
RedNet Control 2.4 is currently available for free download for Mac and PC. (Note that for Red / Thunderbolt users, the PC cannot support it yet).