Product Details

ADA-8 XR with 8 channel AD, 8 Channel DA, Pro-Tools HDX I/O and AES I/O

The ADA-8XR system provides state-of-the-art multi-channel A/D and D/A conversion with a range of digital interface options and a stereo monitor in digital and analogue formats. The 8C-XR-PTHDX-AES variant provides 8 channels of analogue to digital conversion and 8 Channels of digital to analogue conversion with Protools HDX and AES digial I/O connectivity.

Product Details
The ADA-8XR convertor system is the top professionals'' of choice in the most exacting applications in music and sound recording, mastering, broadcast and post-production. Offering the cleanest and most transparent conversion available, the ADA-8XR is ideal for producers, engineers and songwriters wanting to produce top-quality results when recording, tracking & overdubbing, mixing to stereo or surround, mastering and monitoring. The ADA-8XR is perfect for recording vocal, single instruments, drums or orchestra and is just as much at home providing multiple outputs for external analogue summing and immersive audo monitoring.

The ADA-8XR is a modular system and this provides great flexibility when creating systems with larger numbers of channels. The ADA-8XR provides two parallel paths of 8 channels, typically used as ''record'' and ''play'' in the standard configurations. However, the two paths may also be configured as two banks of A/D or two banks of D/A to provide 16 similar channels for more flexible multitrack configurations.

Clocking and Synchronisation
The ADA-8XR has an ultra-precise, ultra-stable internal reference oscillator essential for high-end sonic performance but also provides rock-solid jitter-free lock to external clock sources, even when the external source is of poor quality. The ADA-8XR has separate multi-stage, high-order Phase Locked Loops (PLLs) for each path, allowing independent synchronization for record and playback. Either ADA-8XR path may lock to any of the ADA-8XRs reference inputs, or an internally-derived clock from any of the ADA-8XRs digital inputs

The Prism Sound Overkiller is a progressive analog peak-limiter that can be applied to any of the ADA-8XR’s analog input channels when the appropriate analog input module is loaded into the mainframe. The Overkiller allows analog input signals far above the normal A/D converter’s maximum handling level to be accommodated without causing it to clip. This is done in a gentle and progressive manner so that distortion is as inaudible as possible.

The Overkiller limiter enables a digital recording to be made louder than would be possible if its loudest transients had to be accurately represented on the digital medium. The Overkiller is also useful where the dynamic range of the recording medium is limited and levels are not easily controlled.

ADA-8XR Features
• 16 channels of state-of-the-art conversion in one great-sounding package.
• ADA-8XR modularity allows variants such as 16 channels of A/D or D/A and digital-only configurations.
• Avid Protools I HDX compatible interface allows direct connection to Protools systems, replacing the standard HD I/O units.
• DSD and MDSD interface card for DSD recording and editing
• Firewire interface card for Firewire compatible systems
• Flexibility with digital format conversion between PCM and DSD, one and two wire high-sampling formats for 192k and 96k sampling and high-definition recording on 16-bit media using Prism Sound MRX or DRE.
• Locks securely to an external reference working standalone or with Avid Protools I HDXTM.
• 8 channel peak meter with peak-hold, switchable between paths 1 and 2.
• ''Overkiller'' progressive fast-acting overload limiter circuit selectable on each A/D channel. Limit threshold automatically tracks headroom setting.
Technical Specification
Dimensions W: 483mm D: 390mm H: 88mm (2U)
Power 90-125/180-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 60W
Module slots 2 x Analogue I/O module slots
Format Electronically balanced, RCA/phono sockets
Output impedance 50 Ohm
Headroom 0dBFS=+15,+18,+21, or +24dBu
Absolute gain accuracy +/-0.05dB
THD+N (997Hz, -1dBFS) -101dB (0.0009%)
Dynamic range (997Hz, -60dBFS) 105dB
Channel separation 1kHz >120dB
Format 6.3mm stereo jack
Output impedance 115 Ohm
Max Sensitivity 4.7Vp-p
Format AES3-ID / S/PDIF, 24bits