Product Details

7” Desktop TouchMonitor for Audio Production and Post Production, 8 ch AES I/O, 8 ch Analog in

The TM7-Studio is a multichannel table-top audio meter with a 7" 16:9 TFT touchscreen and modular software. It has 8 ch of AES3 I/O and 8 ch of balanced analogue inputs. Highly flexible screen layouts are possible with scalable instruments that can be stored in presets, while powerful DSP allows for parallel processing for multiple instruments

Product Details
In addition to the DB25 audio IO connectors the TM7-Studio provides a VGA video signal output, RJ-45 Ethernet connectivity, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a GPIO port and a 24 V DC power supply with locking power connector.
As standard the TM7-Studio includes the following instruments:
Basic 4-channel PPM and TruePeak meter for up to 4 of the routed channels in a maximum count of 4 audio groups at a time with analog and digital scales, Peak Hold, Peak Memory, Over indicator, numerical display. Additional control keys for positioning on the display. Loudness bargraphs switchable with SW20002.
Stereo Correlator instrument for displaying the phase relationship between the two channels of a stereo signal for the evaluation of mono compatibility. Additional control keys for positioning on the display.
AES Status
AES Status monitor for displaying various parameters of AES3 digital audio signals in plain text. Additional control keys for positioning on the display.
Gain Reduction
Instrument for the display of external gain reduction data streamed by dynamic processors used in audio equipment and fed to the TouchMonitor via its Network interface and TCP/IP, for example the compressor activity of a mixing desk channel. Multi-channel mode available with SW20001.
Global Keyboard
Global Keyboard with definable on-screen keys for simultaneous control of defined functions in multiple instruments, and for preset recall. It also allows external control vial GP IO interface.

Recommended software licenses for TM7-Studio:
SW20001 Multi-channel operation
SW20002 CalmAct, ITU, EBU, Loudness and SPL display
SW20004 Surround Sound Analyzer
SW20006 Up to four audio vectorscopes, Multistandard PPM/VU moving coil emulation

Further software licenses are available to enhance the unit's capability:
SW20003: RTA - Real Time Analyzer
SW20005: Radar Display
SW20008: Timecode Reader
SW20013: BLITS
SW20014: Logging Data Server
SW20015: ISA - Immersive Sound Analyzer
SW20021: TC-RTW