Product Details

Mastering system

R&S®CLIPSTER is the leading system for mastering and distributing feature films and episodic TV. It is your tool for visual QC, DCP and IMF mastering as well as generic file transcoding. - 100% standard-compliant mastering, Standardized (IMF/DCI) and custom file creation, Floating point precision

Product Details


Mastering system


The gold standard for mastering and distributing feature films and episodic TV

R&S®CLIPSTER is a powerful tool to edit any type of media in any resolution and create a high-quality professional deliverable that meets stringent, professional delivery specifications. R&S®CLIPSTER provides a foundation for post-production vendors to build services upon.


Features & benefits


Flexible color format

R&S®CLIPSTER uses a high-precision, procedural color-processing pipeline to mix and match any color format in the timeline.


Mix and match codecs

Whether working with compressed or uncompressed formats or multiple codecs, R&S®CLIPSTER can handle them all at the same time.


Mix resolutions

If you have a mix of HD, 2K, UHD and 4K, each can be combined within the same timeline and formatted to the desired output.


Input any file type or video signal

R&S®CLIPSTER natively supports an extensive list of file formats. It captures material in the highest quality from SDI inputs.


Conforming to nonlinear timeline

The R&S®CLIPSTER timeline works just like a nonlinear editor, including a conforming tool to aid in assembly.


Customizable file-based media

R&S®CLIPSTER outputs file formats through a customizable file output setup and can meet proprietary delivery specifications.


Videotape-based media

R&S®CLIPSTER has a tried and true I/O tool to create tape deliverables in SD and HD directly from the timeline.


Standardized file-based media

R&S®CLIPSTER has highly refined output wizards to simplify the creation of standardized formats such as DCP, IMP, AS02 and AS11.

Technical Specification
Software Options
R&SRCLIPSTER Play Entry solution for visual QC of (un)compressed files, IMPs, and nonencrypted DCPs
R&SRCLIPSTER Play + DCP mastering Advanced solution comprising DCI mastering, versioning and validation tools
R&SRCLIPSTER Play + IMF mastering Advanced solution comprising IMF mastering, versioning and package handling tools
R&SRCLIPSTER Complete Full-featured software package for all of the above and more workflows