Product Details
Viz Trio

Control your live graphics with the world's most advanced CG

Viz Trio is the number-one character generator (CG) for live televised events anywhere in the world. The system's flexibility and the high level of built-in intelligence sets it apart from the rest.

Product Details
Viz Trio is a control interface that works in conjunction with Vizrt's powerful real-time graphics Viz Engine. The innovative way a designer can build dynamic and intelligent graphics, allows for the Viz Trio operator to just focus on accuracy and taking a graphic to air without worrying what's already in program. 
Viz Trio show rundowns can be auto-populated with graphics and video added using all major newsroom systems: Dalet, ENPS, iNews, Octopus, OpenMedia, and more. From lower thirds to video walls to virtual augmented reality (AR) elements, all of these parts of your production are quickly accessible using the intuitive Viz Trio interface. 
Protect your brand
The most important asset of your production is your brand. With Viz Trio, the brand remains under lock and key of the Design Director. The Trio Operator is focusing on the content and templates of the final production. Functionality, such as how screen elements interact with each other is present in the easy-to-use templates.The operator does not need to clear a graphic before bringing in another due to our innovative way we build the package with Transition Logic. Transition Logic makes sure that the Vizrt graphics system performs optimal transitions between existing and new graphics elements.
OB van production
Viz Trio is a lightweight application; it can be run easily from a laptop, making it perfect for OB van productions. Viz Trio operators control scoreboards, statistics, lineups and lower thirds. Using live data, content is automatically added to Viz Trio pages, creating a simple workflow for live production.
Graphics in the edit bay
Extend your Viz Trio system with an NLE plug-in compatible with Avid, Quantel, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, for bringing your branded live graphics workflow into non-linear editing systems. The non-linear editing systems can access Viz Trio templates to change text, images, 3D objects and clips, as well as scale, position, or change the duration of an animation. Graphics insertion can be done extremely cost effectively by using a frameserver on standard PC hardware, sharing valuable rendering resources amongst groups of NLE suites in a highly intelligent way.