Product Details

4 Mic/Line Input Commentator Unit, Dante

The AVN-CU4-DANTE is a portable commentator unit using Dante AoIP. It is a dual version of the AVN-CU2-DANTE providing four mic/line inputs with a wide, adjustable gain range and four stereo headphone outputs with lockable jack sockets, suitable for operation by up to four commentators.

Product Details
This fully featured unit allows you to handle virtually any commentary situation with both Dante AoIP and 4 wire connections, dual redundant Dante networking and multiple AC/DC/PoE+ power options. Up to 48 rotary encoders (8 pages of 6) can be used on inputs, outputs or cross-points, allowing talkback feeds, commentary and audio mixing to be handled in one unit.
It has an abundance of connections on the rear panel: 4 x analogue line inputs on XLR sockets with latching locks, 6 x analogue line outputs on XLR plugs and an RJ45 AES3 stereo input & output. These connections can act as a simultaneous analogue backup to the Dante AoIP connections.
The featureset is as per the AVN-CU2-DANTE, with the following differences. There are two displays with a doubling of operational controls:
• 4 x On-air buttons.
• 4 x Page buttons, 2 for each half of the display.
• 4 x Cough buttons.
• 8 x Talkback buttons, up to 4 for each user and
• 3 x User buttons.
• 12 x rotary encoders.
• 8 x pages of 6 rotary encoder positions (48 in total).

Similar to the AVN-CU2-DANTE, the illuminated Sonifex logo acts as a power indication and illuminated LEDs indicate network clock status, AoIP Primary and AoIP Secondary link status, PoE+ Primary, PoE+ Secondary and AC power active.
The front panel houses 4 x locking mic/line inputs with +48V phantom power indication and 4 x headphone outputs on locking 6.35mm jack sockets.
The unit has dual redundant network ports on both RJ45 (PoE+ using 2 x Neutrik EtherCON� connectors) and SFP cages.
To power the unit, as well as the dual PoE+ ports and 12V 4 pin XLR DC input, there is an AC mains input on an IEC inlet, with a universal supply.
Technical Specification
AoIP Standard Dante
Number of Channels 16 receive, 16 transmit
Number of Streams 16 receive, 16 transmit
Sample Rate 48 kHz
Format Linear PCM, 16 or 24 bit
AES67 Support Yes
Connectivity 2 x RJ45 and 2 x SFP
Speed 1Gbps and 100Mbps
Network Modes Switched or redundant
Dante Domain Manager Ready Yes
Input Impedance (Mic Mode) 2.5kΩ electronically balanced
Input Impedance (Line Mode) >10kΩ electronically balanced
Preamp Gain (Mic Mode) User selectable 0dB to 60dB in 3dB steps
0dBFS Line-up (Mic Mode) -58dBu @ Max preamp gain, +2dBu @ Min preamp gain
0dBFS Line-up (Line Mode) User selectable +15dBu / +18dBu / +20dBu / +22dBu / +24dBu = 0dBFS
Frequency Response (Mic Mode) +0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz, Ref 40dB gain @ 1kHz
Frequency Response (Line Mode) +0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz, Ref 0dBu @ 1kHz
THD+N (Mic Mode) <-90dBFS, -64dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 40dB gain, 20kHz BW
THD+N (Line Mode) <-98dBFS, -30dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 20kHz BW
Equivalent Input Noise (Mic Mode) 127dB Ref. 60dB preamp gain, Rs = 200Ω
Noise (Line Mode) <-110dBFS, 20kHz BW, Rs = 200Ω
C.M.R.R. >60dB @ 1kHz
Input Impedance >20kΩ electronically balanced
0dBFS Line-up User selectable +15dBu / +18dBu / +20dBu / +22dBu / +24dBu = 0dBFS
Frequency Response +0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 20kHz, Ref 0dBu @ 1kHz
THD+N <-110dBFS, -30dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 20kHz BW
Noise <-110dBFS, 20kHz BW, Rs = 200Ω
C.M.R.R >60dB @ 1kHz
Output Impedance <50Ω
0dBFS Line-up User selectable +15dBu / +18dBu / +20dBu / +22dBu / +24dBu = 0dBFS
Frequency Response +0/-0.5dB 20Hz to 22kHz, Ref 0dBu @ 1kHz
THD+N <-110dBFS, -30dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 20kHz BW
Noise <-110dBFS, 20kHz BW, Rs = 200Ω
Drive Capability Drives 150mW into 32Ω to 600Ω headphones
0dBFS Line-up Fixed 0dBFS = +18dBu
Frequency Response +0/-0.2dB 20Hz to 22kHz , Ref 0dBu @ 1kHz
THD+N <-108dBFS, -30dBFS, 20Hz – 20kHz, 20kHz BW
Noise <-110dBFS, 20kHz BW
Power LED Sonifex logo illuminates when power is present
Pushbuttons 24 x Illuminated buttons that can be assigned to any of the following functions, and configured:
Display 2x 480 x 107 pixel colour TFT display showing pan status, level, metering, control type, source/mix/destination names and main output metering
Status LEDs Clock / AoIP status / PoE status and PSU status LEDs to monitor power and connectivity. Can be disabled if required
Rotary Encoders 12 x robust soft touch rotary encoders with adjacent configurable light bars for group/source/commentator grouping and identification
Headphone Outputs 4 x Neutrik ¼” (6.35mm) locking jack sockets
Microphone/Line Inputs 4 x Neutrik 3 pin latching XLR sockets
Stereo Digital Input RJ45 socket (electronically balanced)
Stereo Digital Output RJ45 socket (electronically balanced)
Analigue Line Inputs 4x Neutrik locking XLR sockets
Analogue Line Outputs 6x Neutrik locking XLR plugs
GPIO Port 15-way ‘D’-type socket
Network 2 x 1Gbps Neutrik EtherCON receptacles, with PoE
DC Input Neutrik 4 pin XLR plug, 12VDC, Maximum 12W
Mains Input Filtered IEC, 85-264VAC, 47-63 Hz, 60W max
Standard 802.3at Type 2
Class 4
PD Power Range 12.95 W to 25.50 W
Typical PSE Power Usage 20 W
Max PSE Power Usage 30 W
Dimensions 25.7cm (W) x 22.9cm (D) x 9.2cm (H - max), 6.5cm (H - Front) 8.9cm (H - rear)
Weight n3.0kg
Dimensions 46.5cm (W) x 36cm (D) x 17.6cm (H)
Weight 3.0kg