Product Details

2 way active curve array speaker.15" LF, 2 x 1.4" HF, 100°H x 25°V. Suitable for installation.

Product Details
The CAT™115 system is an innovative design that has all of the advantages of a traditional line array which includes minimal lobing and cancellation but uses fewer speaker modules. 
Each waveguide module (single cabinet) provides 100° of horizontal coverage and 25° of vertical coverage. When vertically flown, the three CAT™ waveguide modules (3 cabinets) create a seamless 75° vertical by 100° horizontal coverage pattern.
The CAT™ system uses three cabinets to achieve a larger coverage area compared to traditional line arrays. Traditional line arrays require more than three cabinets to achieve the same coverage equal to the CAT™system. Additionally, many line arrays lack adequate horizontal and vertical coverage, thus requiring additional “fill” cabinets to achieve the desired coverage.  
The patented CAT™ rigging system fuses each speaker cabinet together to create a seamless cosmetically appealing vertical array. 
Clair Brothers combines amplification, and proprietary DSP processing in a portable rack system. Custom cabling is available and can be pre-wired for specific installation requirements.
As with all Clair Brothers products, the cabinet is constructed of the finest Baltic birch and finished with a rugged exterior epoxy.
Technical Specification
Speaker Type15" Curve array module
Powered TypeNon Powered
Crossover Type2 Way Active
Frequency Response39 Hz - 20k Hz (±2 dB)
Maximum Output133 dB
Dispersion(H x V))100° x 25°
HF Sensitivity(1 W @ 1 m)100 dB
LF Sensitivity(1 W @ 1 m)98.5 dB
HF Drivers2 x 1.4"
LF Drivers1 x 15"
HF Impedance8 Ω
LF Impedance8 Ω
HF Power320 W
LF Power1200 W
Recommended Power AmplifierCB D120 / CB PLM12K44
Connection1 x 4-Position Terminal Strip
Shell18 mm Baltic Birch
Rigging PointsCAT Rigging System
Dimensions(W x H x D)827.2 x 429.6 x 650.9 mm
Weight46.3 kg
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