Product Details
Duality Fuse

Large-Format SuperAnalogue™ Console with SSL δelta and built-in Fusion processing, up to 96 faders, comprehensive centre section with 5.1 / 3 stereo mix bus, 24 track buses, 2 stereo cue and 4 mono aux buses, 5.1 -> stereo downmix & studio communications.

Product Details

Duality Fuse, installed in some of the world's most prestigious studios, is the current generation of SSL's large-format analogue console technology and is designed for the modern hybrid studio. The clear sonic advantages of SSL's SuperAnalogue™ mic pre’s, summing and processing enables producers and engineers to deliver the very finest results quickly and efficiently. The workflow benefits of hands-on hardware control over both the analogue and DAW domains means users work in a streamlined, creative way. With the introduction of Delta-Control, a new analogue console automation platform, Duality δelta unites the very best of automation in the analogue console domain with DAW based workflow.

  • Key Features:

    • The analogue console for the modern studio
      - Comprehensive large format analogue console with Total Recall™ and integrated DAW control for all major applications including Pro Tools®, Logic Audio®, Nuendo®, Sonar® and many others
    • δelta-control automates your console using plug-ins within your DAW
      - Cue, FX, EQ, Cut, Insert switches and analogue faders can be automated
      - Simple session management with automation data stored in the DAW session
    • Beautiful, precise SSL SuperAnalogue™ mix bus
      - Near linear phase, flat frequency response, 0.005% THD, exceptionally low noise floor, ultra-wide
    • Hugely versatile audio capture with transparent AND coloured mic pres
      - Transparent SuperAnalogue™ and controllable distortion VHD™ Mic Pres
    • Integrated Fusion Processor - Limitless sonic flavours for any production style
    • Classic complete SSL analogue console processing toolkit
      - E & G Series EQs and dynamics on every channel and legendary Master Bus Compressor
    • Innovative SPLIT channel signal path architecture
      - Apply console processing anywhere within the DAW signal path
    • Unrivaled levels of visual feedback
      - TFT screens display metering, process order, routing and Eyeconix™ for every channel
    • Fully equipped for multichannel production
      - Multiple Stereo buses and full 5.1 functionality
      - 5.1 panpots on every channel
    • Ethernet connected multi-layer control of all major workstations
      - Controls two DAWs simultaneously
      - Dedicated transport controls with a further 10 buttons available for commonly used shortcut keys
    • 24 to 96 fader frame sizes
    • Classic SSL console benefits without the overheads of a vintage console
      - Reduced overall power consumption demands and minimized air conditioning requirements
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