Product Details

UF8 offers intuitive features that are developed from a true understanding of production workflow

Product Details
UF8 features 8 high-quality, fully-motorised faders and 8 touch-sensitive channel encoders, together with 8 high-quality colour LCD TFT displays for clear visual feedback. A large multi-purpose master encoder allows navigation of DAW sessions, track scrolling and mouse wheel emulation to get hands-on controlling plug-ins. Signature SSL workflow and ergonomics developed from a 40+ year legacy in production innovation have never been more accessible.  Includes SSL Native Drumstrip and SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 plugins.
  • 8 motorised, touch sensitive faders.
  • 8+1 rotary encoders with push.
  • 8 x TFT LCD hi-res displays.
  • Backlit RGB soft-feel rubber buttons.
  • All metal enclosure, finished with a brushed, anodised top plate.
  • Expandable - Connect up to 4 UF8s to create a 32-Channel DAW Controller.
  • Works with the following major DAWs: Avid Pro Tools / Apple Logic Pro X / Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo / Presonus Studio One / Ableton Live.
  • Up to 3 different DAWs can be connected simultaneously.
  • DAW communication via HUI for Pro Tools. SSL software provides further workflow enhancements with the addition of features such as CHANNEL and PLUG-IN Mode.
  • DAW communication via MCU for Logic, Cubase, Studio One and Live.
  • Large multiple purpose notched encoder allows for DAW timeline navigation, track banking and mouse wheel emulation for even more hands-on control.
  • Customisable keys ready to assign your favourite keyboard shortcuts/macros.
  • Assignable Footswitches.
  • Included stands allow for adjustable elevation angles on desktop.
  • Compatible with ORIGIN modular centre section.
  • 19” 6U rackmount kit available for purchase.
  • Connects to your computer via Hi-Speed USB – no need to deal with computer networks or ethernet cables.
  • Powered by the new SSL 360° Software application.
SSL 360° Software for Mac & PC

The SSL 360° software provides the brains for any UF8 control surface. It allows you to configure UF8 for your DAW(s), drag and drop to re-order UF8s in a multi-product configuration and allows you to customise the user keys on the surface with your favourite DAW commands or keyboard shortcuts. The top row of user keys has 5 banks of 8, which can all be labelled in the top zone of the TFT displays. SSL 360° is intelligent – it automatically saves any changes you make in the background for you. It also manages and controls any available software/firmware updates, directly from the app.
SSL 360° key features
  • Fast configuration for different sessions
  • Drag and drop to re-order up to 4 UF8s
  • Customise user keys
  • Assign layers to different DAWs • Intelligently saves changes
  • Manage software/firmware updates

Technical Specification
Size17” x 10.5” x 2.4” / 431 x 266 x 62.7mm (Width x Depth X Height)
WeightUnboxed - 6.4lbs / 2.9KG. Boxed - 5.0KG / 11.02lbs
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