Product Details
Network IO SB32.24

Dante stagebox with 32 SuperAnalogue™ mic/line ins, 16 line outs, and 4 AES/EBU ins and outs

The SB32.24 Dante stagebox is part of SSL’s Network I/O range, brining superior audio performance of SSL's renowned SuperAnalogue™ preamp design to a wide range of Dante network applications. Designed for use on any broadcast studio floor, live venue, or recording room, SSL Network I/O Stageboxes allow easy deployment of Mic Pres and Speaker feeds wherever they are needed

Product Details

In addition to the 32 SuperAnalogue mic/line inputs and 16 analog line outputs, four AES3 input/output pairs are also provided in a rugged 5U stagebox. Dual redundant power supplies and a pair of redundant RJ45 Dante network connections in addition to user-configurable redundant SFP ports that can be fitted with RJ45 or optical connectors further enhance the "show must go on” reliability. The SFP ports can be used for network extension or to provide network separation for the gain-compensated Dante “split”, which enables connection to a second Dante-equipped console on a totally different network. SSL Network I/O’s plug-and-play features allow devices to easily be moved between locations while retaining routing and settings. All Network I/O units can be remote-controlled from SSL System T broadcast systems, SSL Live consoles, and the SSL Remote Stagebox application.

  • 32 SuperAnalogue studio-grade preamps
  • 16 SuperAnalogue line outputs
  • 4 AES pairs IO with SRC
  • 96kHz or 48kHz operation
  • Gain-compensated Dante split available on the same or on a separate (B) network
  • Device and parameter ownership assignment to avoid control conflicts
  • Redundant PSUs and Dante ports with status indication
  • Clear front-panel indication for phantom power and channel attention on analog inputs
  • Front-facing XLR connections for aydio IO
  • Rear-facing Dante network on DB25 connectors
  • Network B SFP ports can be configured with RJ45 or optical LC connector

Dante Network Technology

Audinate's Dante IP audio networking offers a fresh approach to audio routing and asset sharing with a wide range of benefits:

  • High Channel Counts: 512ch @ 48kHz (256 @ 96kHz) on a single 1GB connection
  • Guaranteed Interoperability: plug & play discoverability of devices from different manufacturers
  • Remote Device Control: parameters configured anywhere on the network
  • Reduced Cost: standard low cost IT hardware, standard and/or existing Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling with audio and control on the same network down a single cable
  • Simplifed Interconnectivity: Ethernet/IP connectivity simplifies interfacing with a wide range of devices including Intercoms and Station Automation
  • Flexible Scalability: systems can grow as your needs evolve. Want a bigger network? Add another switch!
  • Full Network Redundancy: technology tried and tested across many industries and fully compatible with all network redundancy models
  • Distributed Routing Control: API-based routing control from unlimited devices or terminals
  • Absolute Resilience: catastrophic failure of a single device will have no effect on any other devices in the network
  • Standards compliant: IEEE and IETF compliant thus deployable on and can mix with trafic on any standard IP infrastructure
  • Works with AES67 and SMPTE 2110 standards

SSL Stagebox Remote Control application

The SSL Stagebox Remote Control application provides comprehensive control of SSL Network I/O Stageboxes in a Dante network. Stagebox Remote Control software can be installed on any PC in any location in the network. Multiple instances of the software can coexist on the network, each with access to any of the SSL Stagebox units available on the network. The Remote Control Application offers complete control over the extensive feature set of SSL’s Stageboxes and acts as a communication aid with clear real-time device and channel attention indication.

  • Stagebox Remote Control key features:

    • Comprehensive control of SSL Stageboxes via Dante network
    • Clear real-time device and channel-attention indication
    • Runs on any PC anywhere on the network
    • Multiple instances can coexist and control all Stageboxes on the network
    • Realtime metering for all inputs
Technical Specification
Mic/Line Inputs
– Gain range mic mode, 0dBFS, 0.1dB gain step size +26 to +70dB
– Gain range line mode, 0dBFS, 0.1dB gain step size -4 to +30dB
– Gain range mic mode with pad engaged -4 to 40dB
– Maximum input level +27.5dBu (30dB pad inserted)
– Frequency response ± 0.2dB (Mic mode, -0.1dBu signal level, 20Hz–20kHz)
– Equivalent input noise < -123dB (Typical. mic mode, 70dB gain, A-weighted filter, 22kHz bandwidth)
– Usable dynamic range >115dB (Typically 116dB. Mic mode, 0dBFS, A-weighted filter, 22kHz bandwidth)
– Input impedance 2.3k/10k ohm (Mic/Line. Selectable per channel)
– CMRR > 70dB (Mic mode, 20Hz–20kHz, 0dBu); > 90dB (mic mode 1kHz, 0dBu)
– Crosstalk >-75dB (20Hz–20kHz); >-95 dB (1kHz)
– THD+N < 0.01% (mic mode, 20Hz–20kHz, -1dBFFs, 22kHz bandwidth
– Phantom power (mic input) +48V ±4V; 10mA (selectable per channel)
– Pad (mic input) 30dB (selectable per channel)
– Operating levels +24, +22, +20, +18, +15dBu
– Sample rates 44.1/88.2kHz or 48kHz/96kHz
– Resolution 24-bit
Measurement Parameters
– Sample Rate 48kHz
– Operating Level +24dBu = 0dBFS
– Mic input termination 150 ohm
– Mic Mode Gain 26 dB (unless stated otherwise)
– Reference frequency 1kHz (unless stated otherwise)
Line outputs
– Maximum Output Level +24 dBu (600 ohm/10k ohm load)
– Output impedance < 50 ohm
– Frequency Response ± 0.3 dB (-1dBFS, 20Hz-20kHz)
– Usable dynamic range > 116dB (0dBFS, A-weighted filter, 22kHz bandwidth, typically >117dB.
– Crosstalk > -90dB (20Hz–20kHz, 0dBFS); > -105dB (1kHz, 0dBFS)
– THD+N < 0.01% (20Hz–20kHz, -1dBFS. 22 kHz bandwidth, typically < 0.004%
– Output Symmetry > 40dB (20Hz–20kHz, typically > 50 dB)
– Sample Rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz
– Resolution 24-bit
Measurement Parameters
– Sample Rate 96kHz
– Operating Level +24dBu = 0dBFS
– Reference frequency 1kHz (unless stated otherwise)
Digital Inputs
– Input impedance 110 ohm (transformer coupled)
– Sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz (176kHz or 192kHz with sample rate converters enabled)
– Sample rate converters Yes (selectable per AES channel pair)
– Resolution 24-bit
Digital Outputs
– Output impedance 110 ohm (transformer coupled)
– Sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz
– Resolution 24-bit